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Welcome to Gardner Law Offices, LLC

Operating since 2005

Specializing in defense of workers' compensation cases, servicing insurance companies and their insured.


Member of the National Workers' Compensation Defense Network

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The firm of Gardner Law Offices, LLC, practices in areas of law predominantly directed toward servicing insurance companies and their insured's, both with respect to liability and worker's compensation. Attorneys within the firm are licensed to practice law in the state of Idaho.

You will find the services offered to the clients of our firm meet the highest standards of the legal profession. We are hopeful that our excellence in the practice of law and our constant vigilance and awareness of providing services at a reasonable cost will meet your needs for legal representation.

The firm believes in the importance of using the latest technological and service-oriented advances in order to bring clients the optimum recovery on each matter referred to the firm. The firm utilizes as much computer capability as is possible to assist in the organization and preparation of its litigation. Moreover, the firm fully supports the use of skilled paralegals to ensure the client receives a maximum economic benefit without a sacrifice in competency. [continue...]




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